Fragrant Lotus - one of many meticulous Chinese paintings by Du Yuxi

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About the Chinese Artist, Du Yuxi

Du Yuxi was born in Kelan, Shanxi province in China in 1937. When a young boy, he was infatuated with painting, studied hard and was instructed by many famous artists such as Mr. Pan Qizi. He was engaged in traditional Chinese painting and formed his own style in contemporary meticulous brushwork. He became a first rank artist in China and was granted a special allowance by the government.

Du Yuxi: award-winning Chinese artist Many of his works have been collected by famous institutions: the Great Hall of the People, the Chinese Painting Research Institute, the China Artists Assocation, the Taiwan Bigoso Gallery, the American South Sea Arts Center and the Singapore Wan-li Art Center.

More than 400 of his works have been published in important China and foreign painting albums, including Chinese Contemporary Art from 1979 to 1999 and Collected Works of World Art. His main artistic achievements have also been recorded in the Name List Dictionary of China and Name List of China Contemporary Artists, Art Almanac of China from 1949 to 1979, Art Almanac of Artists of Chinese Descent, Biographies of World Fine Artists and many more.

Now he is a member of the China Artists Association, a member of the Traditional Chinese Painting Artists Association, Director of Shanxi Artists Association and previously selected as Deputy of Shanxi Provincial People's Congress.

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