Dates in October - one of many meticulous Chinese paintings by Du Yuxi

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Previous Painting Awards

Over 31 of Du Yuxi's works have been selected for national art exhibitions, more than 20 works have taken part in international exhibitions, and many of his paintings have been displayed in Japan, U.S.A., Germany, Singapore, Australia, Phillipines, Taiwan and New Zealand. Over 29 works have received national and international awards, some of which are listed below.

  Year Painting Award
  2001 Warm Spring Won the Huang-Zhou art award at the Loving-West Chinese Painting Works Exhibition.
  2001 Happy New Year Won a bronze medal at the 6th New Year Picture Exhibition.
  1997 Bright Spring 1997 Won a gold medal at the International Artists Work Exhibition in the Philippines.
  1994 Green Countryside Won an excellence award at the 8th National Artistic Works Exhibition.
  1991 Dates in October Won a silver medal at the 2nd National Folk Art Festival.
  1991 Golden September Won a Excellent Work award at the 3rd Chinese Painting Works Exhibition.
  1988 The Depth of Winter Won a second class award at the National Traditional Painting Exhibition.
  1985 Command in Chief Zhu and Children Won a bronze medal of New Year Pictures at the 6th National Artistic Works Exhibition.